Liz Jones

‘Martha’s Grandad’ started when drawing and making clay work with my young daughter Martha. Collecting flowers on our walks and learning the names of the garden birds with Grandad began this series of ceramic work that are all individually handcrafted. The pieces are all handmade in Wales using porcelain clay to include jewellery, framed tiles, bowls and greeting cards - with Grandad making the frames, Martha collecting the inspiration and me doing the finishing touches!


I live in the beautiful coastal town of Conwy in North Wales and am fortunate to live within walking distance of the castle and picturesque quay, set against a stunning mountainous backdrop, the medieval walled town of Conwy, and it's beautiful surrounding countryside.


My studio is set in a stone outbuilding in the backyard of my home where Martha has the freedom to be creative too! Now seven she is keen to develop her ceramic skills and has began her own range ‘ Martha Emily’.


The coastal paths and country walks have been a continuous source of inspiration whether being the flowers and grasses found along hedgeways with the buzzing of bumble bees or the various garden birds flying in and out of birdhouses.  Surface pattern has always been an important aspect of my work; the combination of surface techniques to enhance a piece of ceramic is the focal point of my work. The pieces incorporate slip, stains, glaze and lustre with the emphasis on complimenting the pureness of the porcelain material.


Martha’s Grandad is a family business with my father as wood worker, daughter as inspiration and husband keeping body and soul together!! 

Inspiration for the pieces are all associated with family memories and experiences...

All images and designs © Martha’s Grandad 2017, all rights reserved.

M: 07739134814

© 2017 by Martha's Grandad. 

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