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Bird Houses....

Just like Grandad’s birdhouses in his garden, my garden birds also needed a home!

Working closely with Grandad the birdhouse display shelves were created...seen here in the Earthborn Clay Paint.

Earthborn Clay paints come in 72 delightfully delicious colours, each with a quirky yet illustrative name. Working predominantly in clay myself, the Earthborn clay paints are joy to work with as they have a smooth slip like quality while keeping the vibrant pigment of colour.

The Blue Tit was the inspiration for the colour palette which introduced Earthborn Clay Paints in Cat's Cradle, Yum Yum, Gingham & Grasshopper. These colours represented the hues and tones found in the feathers and markings of the bird and became the idea for the roof tops of the bird houses.

Earthborn paints are also incredibly eco friendly, helping to ensure the survival of our precious garden life for future generations.

These display shelves have received compliments of ’can I purchase with the bowl?’ Grandad could be busy!!

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