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Lizzie Bee…

‘Lizzie Bee’ Ring Bowl displayed on Earthborn Clay Paint in ‘Cat’s Cradle’

Lizzie Bee has been a family nickname of mine and led to the humorous title for the bumble bee range.

This range consists of handmade porcelain tiles and bowls with each being individually handmade, echoing the Garden Birds Collection.

The busy bees are frequent visitors to both my garden and my husbands allotment; their industry and hard work is honoured in my handpainted motifs, making each bowl and tile unique.

This bumblebee is a relatively new arrival to the UK. It was first recorded here in 2001 and is slowly spreading north throughout the country. It can now be found in much of England and Wales and has reached southern Scotland. It is associated with open woodland and so is commonly found in gardens which are similar to this type of habitat. It nests in cavities such as old bird nests in trees, bird boxes and roof spaces. The tree bumblebee visits a wide range of flowers, particularly those of soft fruits such as raspberries and bramble, and shrubs. It emerges from hibernation early in the spring, in February or early March. Males are seen in late May and June and this species can still be seen in late autumn if nests have a second generation’ ... North Wales Wildlife Trust

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